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Top Mentoring & Tutoring Program in Hartford CT.

Are you or one or of your children in need of Mentoring or Tutoring well look no further .if you’re in Hartford CT Youth on Fire Inc is for you, we offer top notch Mentoring and Tutoring with a wide range of services and experts ready to walk with you to reach your goals .Contact us today at (860) 994-1759 Youth on Fire Inc.

How We Tutor

Our major goal is to help students attain their goals in the shortest time and making the process as simple as possible. We work closely with students, parents and school administrators, to identify student needs, which will be used to tailor a learning strategy for the student and also used to assess their progress. We also teach students how to effectively study, take notes during classes or lectures, as well as strategies on how to take tests. We know you’ll be amazed at our results.

Our Mentors & Tutors

We have a team of professional Mentors and Tutors motivated and passionate about imparting their knowledge. These individuals have spent several years in the education sector and understand what it takes to effectively tutor students. They are fun to be with and easily accessible. Our tutors participate in development and training sessions to improve mentoring and tutoring techniques. They also prepare learning modules or lesson plans for mentoring and tutoring sessions to meet each youth specific needs.


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Thanks so much for the bookbags the girls love them in pink god bless thanks again
Kay Red
Youth on Fire Inc., first Mentor in Training Jacory Latrell McGee Palmer . Getting his stipend for his hard work in the Youth on Fire Inc program
Mentor in Training
The Genius Family
Helping Families Reach Stability

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There is a nonrefundable Honorarium of $75 to meet to discuss details for each speaking engagement . 

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All services
All services
Alternative Medicine Practitioner



Youth on Fire promotes resiliency in children and youth, families, adults, and communities by offering mentoring …

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Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Fatherhood Program
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